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  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Our cancellation policy requires 24 hour notice for cancellation or rescheduling. Our classes fill up quickly and often almost a week in advance. In the name of fairness to all riders, instructors, and managers, we require advanced notice. ​ If there is ever an emergency or extenuating circumstance, email us at or text 773-680-0199. We are always here to help, and will be as understanding as possible.
  • What happens if it is raining/projected to rain?​
    At the end of the day, our first priority is your safety. Bad weather is the only true exemption we have to our cancellation policy; if for whatever reason you feel uncomfortable or unsafe regardless of the presence of thunder and lightning, you can reschedule your class. ​ That said, we want to have class as often as possible. If we have to cancel class, it will happen at latest, one hour before class, and we will send you a message either via text or email. If you want to reschedule, you must contact us at so we can help you do so. If you no-show to class without notice, even if it is because of bad weather, your pass will be forfeited. Even if it raining a bit, don't cancel right off the bat. Splashing in the rain can be extra fun ;-)
  • Do you have a height/weight/age limit?
    We require that all riders are at least 4'10" tall (~148cm). If you are any shorter, you are unlikely to be able to reach the pedals of the bikes. There is no weight limit. ​ So long as you meet our height requirement, there is no age restriction. Minors under the age of 18 must have guardian supervision and permission during the entire class. Both the guardian and the minor must sign the liability waiver.
  • Are your classes beginner friendly? ​
    As of now, all of our classes are set to be accessible for everyone. Our instructors are taught how to challenge the riders who need the challenge, and assist the ones who need assistance. Starting in the summer of 2019, will be having Level 1 SplashCycle classes, made specifically for beginners, and every new SplashCycle rider will be required to take one of these classes before taking any others. While all classes are catered to all fitness and athletic abilities, the beginner class functions to teach the language and positions used in all future classes. It is slightly easier, and it is a set sequence. Regardless, we recommend that you arrive to your first class between 15-20 minutes early so you can talk to the instructor. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask.
  • Do I need to know how to swim? ​
    Nope! There is never going to be a moment in class where you are off your bike without holding on to it or the side of the pool (or given an option for modification). We are happy to walk you through the water to your bike if that makes you feel safer. That said, there will also never be an instance in which you will be unable to stand, flat footed, in the pool. Most of our bikes are placed in water that is about 4' (122cm) deep.
  • Can I do this workout while pregnant? ​​
    Yes! Absolutely! There is actually a whole lot of science that proves it is beneficial to both mommy-to-be and baby to participate in water sports. Of course, please consult with your doctor before you ride to ensure that it's safe for you and your baby.
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