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What is your cancellation policy? 

Our cancellation policy requires 24 hour notice for cancellation or rescheduling. Our classes fill up quickly and often almost a week in advance, so in the name of fairness to all riders, instructors, and managers, we require significant advanced notice. 

If there is ever an emergency or extenuating circumstance, email us at  

What happens if it is raining/projected to rain?

At the end of the day, our first priority is your safety. If there is a thunderstorm, we will 100% cancel class, even if it becomes a problem during the class you are actively taking. However, if it is projected to just rain and there is no lightening, we will make a call on a case by case basis. 

Rain is the only true exemption we have to our cancellation policy; if for whatever reason you feel uncomfortable or unsafe regardless of the presence of lightning, you can reschedule your class. 

There may be times without lightning that we end up cancelling class ourselves, in which case we will reach out to you specifically. That cancellation will likely happen about an hour or so before the class is projected to happen. We would recommend waiting as long as you feel comfortable before cancelling due to rain, as we have had many classes that were in beautiful weather that was supposed to be rainy!

Regardless, if you want to reschedule you must contact us at so we can help you do so.    

Do you have a height/weight/age limit? 

We require that all riders are at least 4'10" tall (~148cm). If you are any shorter, you are unlikely to be able to reach the pedals of the bikes.

No, we have no weight limit! 

So long as you meet our height requirement, there is no age restriction. Minors under the age of 18 must have guardian supervision and permission during the entire class. Both the guardian and the minor must sign the liability waiver. 

Are your classes beginner friendly? 

Totally. All of our classes are designed to be accessible yet hard for all levels of fitness ability. If you are nervous about your class, we would suggest getting to the pool ~20 minutes early instead of the traditional ~15 so that you can speak personally with the instructor and express any concerns you have. 

What is the parking situation?​ What about showers? 

At the Liaison Hotel there is both street and valet parking. At Crystal Square there is both street and garage parking. 

The Liaison Hotel does not have public showers, but Crystal Square does!

What is provided versus what do I need to bring?

Towels are only supplied at the Liaison Hotel, so if you are going to a different location, we recommend bringing your own towel. Wearing shoes during class is required, but we also do provide shoes for you to use for free. If you have your own, you're more than welcome to wear them so long as they are closed toe and they cover the top of your foot. 

Click the button below to be brought to a page that gives you more information about what to bring/wear.

Do I need to know how to swim? 

Nope! There is never going to be a moment in class where you are off your bike without holding on to it or the side of the pool (or given an option for modification). We are also happy to help you get to your bike if that makes you feel safer. That said, there will also never be an instance in which you will be unable to stand, flat footed, in the pool and feel unsafe. Most of our bikes are placed in water that is about 4' (122cm) deep. 

Do you offer group discounts/rates? 

Heck yeah. Click the button below. 

Can I do this workout while pregnant? 

Yes! Absolutely! There is actually a whole lot of science that proves it is beneficial to both mommy-to-be and baby to participate in water sports! Of course, please check with your doctor before you ride to ensure that it's safe for you and your baby! 

Don't see your question answered here? Click the button below to write us directly!

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